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Disposal Cell Repair & Construction

GreEnergy USA  provides oil and gas waste pit design, repair  and construction services for various industrial uses and purposes to stage, manage or dispose of oil and gas waste streams. These include single and dual lined synthetic, earthen or concrete pits utilized for wash-out, brine storage, collecting, evaporation and disposal pits. 

Lease Pads & Lease Road Construction

GreEnergy USA provides superior flexible base design, and construction services for load bearing oil and gas lease roads and lease pads, as well as road base for county and private roads. Our road base mixtures will maintain volume and compaction requirements and provide the necessary load bearing stability necessary for prolonged use by heavy equipment and will increase longevity and reduce maintenance and dust suppression costs.

Liquid Waste Treatment & Disposal

GreEnergy USA provides consultation and design services, for permitting and construction of fluid collecting, evaporation, and reserve pits, as well as Non-Commercial and Commercial Fluid Recycling (NCRF) pits utilized for waste reuse on-lease, off-lease or at Class II disposal well locations as well as construction and disposal services for management of excess flow-back water, frac-water or mud and cutting separation and recycling.

Design Consultation

GreEnergy USA provides design and build services for treatment and management of oil and gas waste streams including Stationary Treatment Facilities, Reclamation Plants, Recycling facilities, mud separation, reconditioning  and Disposal facilities for solid and liquid wastes generated by the exploration and production of oil and gas resources. 

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