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Solids Recycling & Disposal

GreEnergy USA provides solids recycling  services of oil and gas generated mud and cuttings into road base that is utilized to construct load bearing pads and roads authorized under 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 4 Sub-Chapter B through out the state of Texas.

Phase Separation & Management

GreEnergy USA provides phase separation services of oil and gas generated mud and cuttings prior to recycling or disposal. The separated solid and aqueous phases may then be reconditioned and recycled for reuse on an oil and gas lease.

Fluids Recycling & Disposal

GreEnergy USA provides recycling and treatment services of produced water and flow-back water for reuse at an oil and gas lease as mud-make up, cement make-up or Frac-water or to provide disposal services at a Class II injection well.

Environmental Consulting

GreEnergy USA provides design and construction services for oil & gas waste management, treatment and reuse facilities as well as for environmental emergency response actions, contamination assessment development, remedial system design and regulatory reporting.

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